Soulscapes (Full​-​Length)

by Echoes of the Soul

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Composed, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Echoes of the Soul in Lyon (France).

Photo by Marion Valéry :

This album consists of seven piano pieces on the theme of life, at least this inner and intimate art by which it leads us to believe, to be affected, to think, to remember, to dream, to lose and to find oneself, in the hope of finding our own deliverance amid this great spiritual architecture.

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released June 30, 2017



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Echoes of the Soul Lyon, France

Created in 2013, Echoes of the Soul is a solo piano project with which I progress as a self-taught artist.
~ ~ ~
If liberty is a path, I would like to cross it forever to learn by myself, to compose, to develop my playing and my style, more and more.
~ ~ ~
I define my music as modern and unclassical (no old-school influences), and also as a personal way to poetize the varied language of the soul.
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Track Name: In the Theater of Life (Part I)
A depiction of life through diverse faces in the idea that these ones would be mixed colors of a same musical painting: the painting of life.
Track Name: In the Theater of Life (Part II)
A depiction of life through diverse faces in the idea that these ones would be mixed colors of a same musical painting: the painting of life.
Track Name: Le Pèlerinage
This song tells a long and awkward spiritual walk from the ruins of the real-life kingdom to a fantastic and mysterious place where souls dance forever.
Track Name: Journey to a Forgotten Kingdom
This song is about these souls which search for their own enchanted dimension by making a spiritual quest from the physical world to a wonderful but forgotten kingdom beyond this one. And you, will you know entering this great temple?
Track Name: Soulscapes
This track consists in the idea of a train in moving for us who would watch passing varied "soulscapes" through its windows; a train of emotions, thoughts and memories. Let you carry away as you feel it...
Track Name: A Butterfly's Story
This track was originally composed for a dear friend of mine in March 2015 with my previous piano.
Track Name: In the Maze of Lost Souls
This song is on the theme of quest, and precisely about an inner quest between two extremities of a network in which one get lost. This network, complex and labyrinthine, is the one of life. No human soul incarnate in a living body escapes it and can't move itself into it without cracking, fragmenting, scattering and then getting lost. One can thus feel the need to reconnect with oneself, to find oneself, to escape from these many walls between which one separated into parts. That's the meaning of this inner quest: liberating oneself from our own loss within the great maze of life. This is the idea that I wanted to develop in the song, by tracing the eventful progression of a lost human soul towards this hoped-for salvation.